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"As Women strengthen and embolden one another, the entire world benefits."

Take the first step towards Radical Embodiment and receive a guided meditation as my gift to you. 





Radical Embodiment is a way of living your strength, a way of accessing your wisdom, a way of feeling your power as a woman. The pressures of life on earth in this 21st Century can at times feel overwhelming and having a way to access more peace, clarity, and focus from within by setting your roots deep will allow you to weather the storms with grace.


We are in powerful times right now and you are not here by accident, your particular shine is needed, your gifts are important; my job is to support you in excavating the gems of your purpose by helping you to clear away the blocks that may be in the way of the diamond that you are.


Loving you big from here,




Work with Me


Work one on one with me in a safe environment. We will work together to overturn the stones that are blocking you from accessing your whole self.


Deep Dive

IMG_7484 copy.jpg

A powerful month long journey of transformation and soul work designed to support growth.

Total Immersion

IMG_7581 copy.jpg

Gather with your sisters in a circle and dive into the deep feminine. Emerge refreshed and reconfirmed to the connections that exist between us women. 


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