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What is

Radical Embodiment?

I want to support you to be profoundly rooted in your embodiment. 

Radical Embodiment Coaching is a direct and focused way of redesigning yourself by finding the script you have been using so far and doing the good work of writing a new one that will better serve the vision you have for yourself. I will be your advocate and your guide, committed to the blossoming of your next level.


When you choose to enter into a Coaching Relationship with me, I create a highly personalized container of support, within which you will be able to create a new Vision for Yourself. I will assist you in exploring the fabric of your internal landscape, with the specific intention of flipping the old script.


Working with me will help you to create a unique toolkit of new practices that will support you in living a more Radically Embodied Life.  A session with me can include aspects of the many modalities I have been trained in, which include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Transformational Coaching, and Intuitive Energy Work. I have found that it is my offering of profound presence and deep listening combined with my willingness to poke, provoke and elevate you, mixed together with your commitment to yourself that creates the true transformation.


At the root of the matter is the big love, this is the energy that creates real and lasting change.


When you embrace Radical Embodiment as a way of being you may find that your throat begins to open up and your words start to sound different to you. You may begin to feel waves of beauty in your body. You might find that suppressed anger, grief and fear have more room to be felt, expressed, and released. You will come away with new tools that rise directly through you, rather than having to reach for something outside of yourself.

I Am

Magdalena Curtis

I’m sovereign and standing strong in all of it.

I am a woman who is committed 100% to women and I make it my focus every day. I believe in your beauty as well as your broken, because I know that they are ultimately interchangeable. I see your wild and I want to untame it. I am a proponent of the art of down and in on behalf of what I like to call Radical Embodiment. I know, through my own vivid experience, that the way home is through the body…your body!


I don’t need to you be tidy and together, in fact, I know that your message lives in your mess. It is my job to support you as you learn how to welcome yourself, all of you, back home. I create a culture of permission in my sessions where all of your parts are welcome and invited to be heard and seen. My goal for you is nothing less than transformation and I will be relentless in holding this focus on your behalf.


You might be feeling like you are standing at the edge of a new frontier, you are more than ready to make some major changes, but you don’t know how. Yet. And I am here to say that you don’t have to know how, you just want to know why. I will guide you, I will commit to you as long as you are ready to be willing…to commit 100% to yourself. You don’t have to, nor should you, do it all alone.


I create a culture of permission in my sessions where all the entirety of you is invited to be heard and seen and is welcome. My goal for you is nothing less of transformation and I will be relentless in holding this focus on your behalf. I am here to guide you to make the changes you are ready to make but don't know how...yet.

What women are saying...

Ginger Lazarus

Business Owner, Writer, Witch

"By working with Magdalena I have found true and real transformation."

Lesley G.-K.

Student of Ayurvedic Medicine, Wife
and Mother

"No one has ever taken me as deep as Magdalena did. Everyone needs some Magdalena in their life!" 

Darlene M.

Business Owner, Mother
and Grandmother

"Magdalena easily got to the heart of my issues, she was gentle yet insistent that I look at and FEEL what was going on."

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