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Radical Embodiment


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I offer a sacred container where there is permission granted for all parts of you to be called back home. I am fully committed to your radical embodiment and will be all in on this journey towards the wholeness you are. We will, together, overturn the stones that may be blocking the flow of your wild simplicity and power.


When you work with me you may discover…


~ A new clarity about where you want to go and how best to get there.


~ A way to put yourself first without the toxicity of the old school “selfish” label getting in the way.


~ A sustainable way to give to others and the world from a place of fullness and how to serve from the overflow.


~ A way to say yes to transparency and an excavation of your vulnerability, resulting in a more authentic and embodied power.


~ A way to feel ALL of your feelings by adopting Radical Embodiment practices that will offer you a way to work with the energy of the emotions rather than the story.


~ Powerful ways to experience personal responsibility and stand in your sovereignty, releasing projection and blame.


~ How to live a beautiful and juicy life based on your own design as an embodied woman.


One – on – One Coaching sessions happen in person or via phone or online, where you have my undivided attention while in the privacy of your home. Each session is intuitively tailored for your current needs and your long-term goals. You will receive written exercises, audio recordings, and other resources, as needed.


If you are feeling a call to commit to a powerful journey of transformation and soul work, then the Total Immersion may be the perfect experience for you. If you are feeling a pull towards your next level and there are still some layers that need to be peeled back in order for you to open your wings all the way, then Total Immersion may be the wind that will launch you forward. If you are facing the remains of a difficult transition, if you are ready to shift out of a situation that feels too tight, if there is a longing to move beyond early conditioning, you may be ripe for Total Immersion.


This is a month-long coaching program designed to support real transformation and growth, and I will be fierce in my support of your breakthrough. The first week we will meet one on one for a total of 9 hours, with 1 hour follow up sessions for the remainder of the month and ample email support. I don't take this work lightly, and you can be assured that my 100% will be with you.


If you feel a connection to this offering, if your body is saying yes, contact me to schedule an initial exploration session where you can bring your questions, your longings, and your truth.

I look forward to serving your essence self.

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Come, gather with your sisters in a circle. Rest and allow your burden to be dropped. Drink the clear waters from the deep well, be refreshed and nourished in the sharing. In the Radical Embodiment Circle, you are given permission to soften the edges a bit, to sink into the deep waters of your emotional body. We dive into the space of the deep feminine, below the chatter, below the noise, and emerge refreshed and reconfirmed to the connections that exist between us as women. 


Currently, I am honored to be co-creating a monthly circle with Ginger Lazarus, owner of Cult Of Gemini, and Kat Frey, creatrix extraordinaire. Our current theme is Eternal Flame, each gathering is held at Cult of Gemini in Grass Valley, California. You can come to one circle or all of them, the theme will build as each season evolves. You can secure your place in the circle here. Seating is limited and we would love your presence in the circle. 


I love to travel and will bring my Radical Embodiment circle to you. Contact me for more details.

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