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What Women Are Saying...

Ginger Lazarus

Business Owner, Writer, Witch

My Total Immersion experience with Magdalena opened my mind and heart to my life in a way that was completely unexpected. I was able to come to clarity and understanding of the experiences of my life as far back as I could remember, and bring them into the Now. Just this piece alone gave me a deep sense of relief and compassion for myself. 


Magdalena held an impeccable container of compassion, focus, and truth. She then guided me through a transformative process which immediately affected the way I perceived the world around me, and changed the way those around me interacted with me. I literally had messages waiting for me after each session from people, each regarding me in a more respectful and connected way. 


The recognition and release of my patterns of vigilance and disappointment dissolved easily, allowing me to move in the world in a way that was completely new. While I'm refining what I learned in my work with Magdalena, and occasionally tripping on feet that are used to walking a certain way, I have found true and real transformation. Almost two months now since our experience together I'm new. I'm open again. I'm innocent yet wise. I'm free yet discerning. I'm trusting that I will choose me. 

Lesley G.-K.

Student of Ayurvedic Medicine, Wife and Mother

Magdalena came into my life in 2018 when I was 38 years old. Even though I felt like I had been waiting for her my whole life, she reassured me that the timing was perfect. I have been to many therapists, some who dove down below the surface with me, but no one has ever taken me as deep as Magdalena did, taking me to the core of my soul, and to the issues, I had been carrying around since I was a child. 


I was able to do the Total Immersion week-long session, and it completely changed my life and centered me. I was finally able to really connect with my inner child, and heal in a completely new light. Every time I wanted to revert back to my previous ways, she gently encouraged me to stop buying into the stories and drama and focus on me and my center.


I can't help but want to refer all of my loved ones to her because she has a real gift and is so spiritually attuned and authentic; everyone needs some Magdalena in their life!! It has been a really amazing experience and Magdalena is so incredibly supportive, non-judgmental, knows exactly what she is doing and what you really need! I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me heal.

Darlene M.

Business Owner, Mother and Grandmother

Magdalena easily got to the heart of my issues; she touched on them, and then quickly brought me to the core. I was sad, crying, not wanting to deal with it. I even found myself feeling like I did when trauma happened to me as a child. It was enlightening for me to know that early issues still play such a role in my life. I still feel our session working for me. I am still thinking about and working on what we discussed. Magdalena was gentle, yet insistent that I look at and FEEL what was going on. Working with Magdalena was very effective.

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